Do You Have a Passion for Inspiring Wellness?

Have you ever wanted to work from home and have more control over your time and income?

Here is one of the best global opportunities in the world, but perhaps you should judge this for yourself.


World-Class Opportunity

Of the millions of members who use Young Living® products, 89.5% of them remain a Preferred Customer while the other 10.5% decide to go on to earn extra money sharing Young Living® with others.

Here's a Business...
  • For those who would like to work from home.
  • For those who might like to just earn enough to pay for their products.
  • For those who'd like to see others discover the benefits of essential oils.
  • For those who have a passion for inspiring wellness.
  • For those who have a desire for more control over their time & income!


Starting to Earn is So Easy

Once a “preferred customer" (member) shares with someone and that person enrolls to buy products from Young Living®, they are immediately in a position to earn compensation for referring others to buy from Young Living®.

It is that simple, and now you are a “business builder” - or at least you’ll get paid for your referrals!

You share your wins and products with others, and they purchase directly from Young Living®, using your referral code, and you can be paid!


This is Not Selling

We don’t call this “selling” because there is quite a difference between selling something to someone and simply sharing experiences with them and helping them find solutions for themselves.


Why Choose to Build a Young Living® Business?
  • Young Living® pioneered the essential oil movement.
  • It is a stable company in business for over two decades.
  • It has a global presence, with more than 5.6 million members.
  • You’ll be able to help and empower others.
  • You can grow your business at your own pace.
  • You’ll be promoting whole-life wellness.
  • There’s an enormous opportunity to experience a lucrative compensation plan.


What Does Growing This Business Require?
  • Dedication to building your business.
  • Freedom to set your hours, and keep your work schedule.
  • Willingness to learn and to be taught.
  • Ability to follow the successful actions of others.
  • Purchasing 100PV monthly of your own super discounted products.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel, just follow success!


How Do You Earn Money?

Young Living's generous compensation plan gives you the power to take control of your future and build a business that could change your life forever.

Transform your time and hard work into monthly income and abundance!


  • FAST START BONUS: Earn a generous 25% bonus, up to $200 each, on your new, personally referred/enrolled members’ orders during the first three calendar months!  Plus even more, if any of these folks decide to refer a person.
  • STARTER KIT BONUS: Earn a one-time $25 cash bonus when your new, personally referred/enrolled member orders the Premium Starter Kit!
  • RETAIL EARNINGS: When you refer/sponsor retail customers, you may earn the 24% difference between the retail and wholesale price for their orders.


Start Your New Lifestyle Journey Today!

To get started you simply need to enroll as a member with Young Living®, select a starter kit and start sharing. That is all.

Choose your STARTER KIT and start your new lifestyle journey today!



Income Disclosure

Young Living’s 2018 World-Wide Income Disclosure Statement: CLICK HERE





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