January's Free Gifts-With-Purchase!

What is the "Monthly Gift with Purchase"? 

In a nutshell, you earn free products (rewards) when you order! The more you order, the more FREE PRODUCTS you get!

I love this program. 

Every single month Young Living offers a selection of GIFT PRODUCTS that will be added to your order when you purchase a specified amount on your order.


January's FREE Gifts-With-Purchase!
Energize Your New Year


You simply purchase products and Young Living sends you free ones! Think of it as a reward to loyal shoppers.

Each month you’ll have new picks for every tier.

What is a tier?

It is a specified buying level, usually 190, 250, 300, and some months 400 & 500 PV. Essentially, the more product you order, the more free product you'll get sent to you.


To qualify for this tier, just place an order of at least 300 PV* and you'll get free shipping and all of these gifts free!  Note: You must be participating in the Subscribe to Save Program to receive the bonus gift.  Retail value: $196.72

Bonus Subscribe to Save Item - Grapefruit Essential Oil, 15 ml
• Refresh the room. Want your room to feel like a sunny beach house? Grapefruit brings a welcome burst of freshness, whether you’re diffusing it or using it to zest up your household cleaners.

• Show off a sweet, summery scent. Grapefruit’s sweet, invigorating aroma can brighten any day. Just dab a little on your wrists and neck to sport a fresh citrus personal scent.


Bonus Subscribe to Save Item - Rosemary Essential Oil, 15 ml
• Show your scalp some TLC. Massage a few drops of this fresh, woodsy essential oil into your scalp by adding it to your favorite shampoo. Mix it with Cedarwood for a refreshing scalp mask.

• Spritz away the stinky and sticky. Clean to your heart’s content, spritzing away stinky odors and sticky counters with a Rosemary-infused DIY cleaner.


Seed to Seal™ Story Collection
• Experience three powerhouse oils. Drift to sleep with dreamy Lavender, bash the appearance of blemishes with herbaceous Tea Tree, and cool down those tired legs after a run with cooling Peppermint.

• Use from sunup to sundown. These essential oil favorites are easy to add to nearly every part of your day-to-day, from soothing skincare to homemade cleaners.


Cedarwood Essential Oil, 15 ml
• Treat those tresses. You have to wear your hair every day, so let Cedarwood make it your best-looking feature! Warm a few drops on your hands and fingers and gently rub it into your scalp for healthy-looking hair.

• Sweeten your surroundings. Share Cedarwood’s calm, complementary scent by adding it to your diffuser blends. Mix it with citrus notes, floral accents, or earthy tones to create your own unique combination.

• Soften the appearance of your skin. Add Cedarwood to your nightly body lotion, daily face moisturizer, and weekly face mask, and marvel at how it cleanses, moisturizes, and conditions your skin.


Lime Essential Oil, 15 ml
• Add some zest to your day and take a mini tropical staycation in a bottle! Invite Lime’s sunny, citrusy notes into your favorite spaces by diffusing it or adding it to your DIY cleaner to enjoy its fresh, clean scent.

• Pamper your skin. What’s a vacation without some spa time? Give your skin some glow by applying 2 drops of Lime to your face with a cotton pad or ball as you wind down for bed.


Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil, 15 ml
• Love your locks. Give those tresses the royal treatment! Massage a few drops of Eucalyptus Radiata into your scalp so the rejuvenating scent can refresh your hair.

• Drift off to dreamland. Rub a little Eucalyptus Radiata on the bottoms of your feet and inhale the comforting aroma as you settle down for a long winter’s nap.



To qualify for this tier, just place an order of at least 250 PV* and get all of these gifts free!  Retail value: $88.82 (Product links & uses are listed above)

  • Lime Essential Oil, 15 ml
  • Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil, 15 ml
  • Bonus Subscribe to Save: Grapefruit essential oil, 15 ml
  • Bonus Subscribe to Save: Rosemary essential oil, 15 ml
  • Free Shipping


To qualify for this tier, just place an order of at least 190 PV* and get all of these gifts free!  Retail value: $71.71 (Product links & uses are listed above)

  • Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil, 15 ml
  • Bonus Subscribe to Save: Grapefruit essential oil, 15 ml
  • Bonus Subscribe to Save: Rosemary essential oil, 15 ml
  • Free Shipping



As always, order at least 100 PV, and your order is shipped at no cost! Treat yourself. Stock up on your favorites and let Young Living cover the cost of your deliveries.

  • Free Shipping


Earn Points on Products

If you place a 50 PV+ order each month with the Subscribe to Save program, you’ll also earn loyalty points on each purchase, which you can redeem for future products.



I'd love to welcome you to the world of Young Living. Here, you will find much more than essential oils—you’ll find a new lifestyle. I'd love to hear from you, feel free to leave a question or add a comment to the bottom of this page.



If you're new to using essential oils and would like to start out on the right path (avoiding unnecessary confusion), I recommend that you begin your journey with an Essential Oils Premium Starter Bundle. It's a TREMENDOUS VALUE for your money and takes the guesswork out.  Look at these different Starter Bundles and see if one would be right for you.


*Quick definition: PV means 'Points Value/Personal Volume' and is a unit of measurement generally equal to one dollar.


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