Little Oilers Premium Starter Kit
Did you hear the news? Young Living launched a new Premium Starter Kit—perfect for those of you who are interested in our amazing KidScents oils.
The Little Oilers Premium Starter Kit comes with our five popular Kidscents oils, as well as the adorable Feather the Owl diffuser, and two roller fitments. PLUS when you enroll as a new member before September 30, you will qualify to get our newest KidScents oil KidPower, for FREE! This kit is a match made in heaven for all adults who care for children.
What are the KidScents oils? KidScents oils come pre-diluted and ready to use on kids ages 2+. They are great for topical or aromatic usages. Use the included roller fitments for quick and easy application!
• KidScents Owie is formulated with ‘skin-loving’ essential oils, which makes this blend the obvious choice for those ‘oopsie’ moments. Apply topically to the skin where needed.
• KidScents SniffleEase contains oils that are refreshing and rejuvenating. This is the perfect oil to apply on your child’s chest or spine because of its refreshing and rejuvenating aroma. This is also a great addition for your DIY chest rubs!
• KidScents GeneYus is a powerful blend of oils meant for creating a focus-filled environment. Diffuse this oil during study time/homework hour.
• KidScents TummyGize is an herbaceous blend that is relaxing and comforting-- apply to little tummies after large or unfamiliar meals.
• KidScents SleepyIze has an aroma that helps to create a calm and peaceful environment. Apply topically to temples, feet, and shoulders or diffuse at bedtime.
• KidScents KidPower* is a unique essential blend formulated to help inspire feelings of confidence, courage, and positivity. Apply to wrists or practice deep breathing before trying something new!
*BONUS through September 30,2020
We can’t forget about Feather the Owl! This adorable diffuser is kid-friendly—it comes with a built-in night light and white noise machine. With ten different light colors, and 5 different sound options, this cute little owl will be the perfect addition to the family! To activate the diffuser, you simply tap the Easy-Touch Talons to filter through the 3 different diffuser modes.
Let me help you get yours!

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May 13, 2019

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