Inner Beauty Collagen

Young Living has been working on this for four years to get it right. 🤯 I’ve been looking into all the benefits of adding a collagen supplement to my daily routine, and why YL’s version is a lot different from the other brands out there.

Bottom line, if you want to fight the signs of aging from the inside out – we should chat about this. Keep reading for all the details!


Feel like you are hearing about collagen everywhere? You are totally right. Collagen has picked up a lot of popularity because it can be huge for the look and feel of your hair, skin and nails, and provide major support to your joints, bones, and muscles. 

It’s a type of protein, which is also a big plus for your diet in general. Most of us eating a typical modern diet aren’t getting enough protein daily. So yeah, it caught my attention! 


Think skin with this one. Inner Beauty Collagen specifically targets your skin quality, reducing the look of wrinkles, fights against sun damage, and it’s easily absorbed in your body. So this collagen is helping you *look* and feel your best. You can see noticeable changes in as little as 3 weeks!

If you are looking for joint support, check out Agilease! It has type 2 collagen that is only present in your cartilage and connective tissue to help with smooth movement and joint mobility.


Inner Beauty Collagen comes in a powder form, and it is completely tasteless making it easy to add to your morning coffee, smoothie, or yogurt. I prefer the powder because it has cleaner ingredients – liquid versions are usually doctored up to make it drinkable on its own with extra flavors and sugars. 

Plus I love that it’s not a capsule. I’m so much more consistent when I can drink my supplements!


Inner Beauty Collagen is made with 5 grams per serving of a highly soluble form of bioavailable type I marine collagen, peach ceramides, biotin, tapioca fiber, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and no added sugars. Each ingredient is chosen to support amazing, vibrant skin! 

“The collagen we use is produced from 100% fish skin and scales that would otherwise be discarded and sourced from a sustainable and traceable supply chain; it is not irradiated and is certified non-GMO, presenting unmatched advantages in the market.”


In case you’ve still got a couple questions, here is a handy link with all the nitty gritty details on collagen.

It is keto and paleo friendly, and it’s gluten-free! It’s a great supplement for all ages, and you only need one scoop daily. You really can add it to anything! You won’t taste it at all. Sweet! 


 I would love to know if you are considering adding Inner Beauty Collagen to your routine. Let’s do it together!

If you’re going to drink that morning cup of coffee anyways - stir in a scoop of skin-supporting, tasteless collagen. 🙌🏽 I love to froth it up with creamer in a milk frother!


Are you ready to add this supplement to your routine? Add Inner Beauty Collagen to your monthly order to get loyalty points back on your purchases.


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May 13, 2019

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