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What is the "Monthly Gift with Purchase"? 

In a nutshell, you earn free products when you order. The more you order the more FREE PRODUCTS you get!

I love this program. 

Every single month Young Living offers a selection of GIFT PRODUCTS that will be added to your order when you purchase a specified amount on your order.


Spring Cleaning, With a Breeze Using
"APRIL'S GIFTS with Purchase"!


Spring has sprung and with it comes sunshine, warmer weather, rain, and the start of spring cleaning.

April's gift products allow you to start a fresh, new cleaning routine.

Diffuse Citrus Fresh™ as you brighten your windows with a Thieves®-infused cleaning mixture, tackle sticky kitchen messes with Jade Lemon™ or Grapefruit, and use Peppermint and Bergamot to freshen up your laundry room.

Once you’ve completed your checklist, diffuse Tangerine as you relax with the sweet, spring-is-here scent. 

What's an "Essential Rewards" order? Young Living offers a monthly subscription plan, called the Essential Rewards (ER) program, which offers you the convenience of your favorite products delivered to your door every month when you hit one of the specified buying levels (100, 190, 250, 300, and some months 400PV).  This plan will soon be referred to as the "Loyalty Reward Program".

When you make an Essential Rewards order of 300 PV*, you will receive ALL of these gift products, free!
Retail value: $179.27

Thieves® Essential Oil Blend, 15 ml
  • Shine up the stove. Add a few drops of Thieves® to a cupful of water and inhale the warm, spicy scent as you wipe away stovetop messes without worrying about what’s in your cleaning solution.
  • Clear the air. Use Thieves to create a spicy-scented DIY cleaning fizzy that will make cleaning toilets more pleasant. You can find the DIY recipe below. 🙂
Bergamot Essential oil, 5 ml
  • Get your shine on. Use a drop of Bergamot on a washcloth for maximum shine as you scrub down bathroom and kitchen faucets.
  • Let it go. Diffuse Bergamot for a citrusy scent as you tuck winter-only clothing pieces away to make room in your closet for warm-weather favorites.
Grapefruit Essential oil, 15 ml
  • DIY: Add cheer to your chores. Combine 10 drops of Grapefruit with 6 ounces of water, 2 ounces of witch hazel, and 9 drops of Lemon in a glass spray bottle for a linen spray that gives a playful kick of scent to bath towels and rugs.
  • Feel like royalty. Combine Grapefruit with a salt body scrub for a home spa experience that will have you feeling as fresh as a daisy just in time for spring.
Tangerine Essential oil blend, 15 ml
  • DIY: Fake it till you make it. Don’t have time to clean? Keep a few drops of Tangerine in a 6-ounce spray bottle filled with water at the ready. Its bright scent will help any room feel spruced up in a flash.
  • Let in the light. Diffuse Tangerine while you dust blinds, wash windows, and wipe down sills to get ready for days of fresh air and gentle breezes.
Jade Lemon Essential oil, 5 ml
  • DIY: Dish it out. Combine 3 drops of Jade Lemon™ with half a capful of Thieves® Household Cleaner and 1 cup of white vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher and run a cycle without soap or dishes whenever your machine smells musty.
  • Soak up the sunshine. Diffuse Jade Lemon for an uplifting aroma as you take a break from your hard work to appreciate the beautiful spring weather.

Bonus Essential Rewards: Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend, 15 ml
  • Outwit unwanted odors. Add a few drops of Citrus Fresh™ to cotton balls and tuck them into sock drawers, the bottoms of trash cans, and shoe closets for a spring-approved aroma.
  • Defeat the dish pile. Add 4 drops of Citrus Fresh to Thieves® Dish Soap for an extra burst of scent, plus the added bonus of a citrus oil that can help cut grease from dirty dishes.

Bonus Essential Rewards: Peppermint Essential Oil, 15ml
  • Pep up the kitchen. Put 1 drop of Peppermint on a damp cloth and wipe down counters so your kitchen smells as welcoming as a clear blue sky after a spring storm.
  • Cheer up as you clean up. Tired of fighting the mess in your laundry room? Diffuse Peppermint for a peppy, pick-me-up scent that’s just what you need to finish.

(I love free shipping!)
  • Spring ahead with savings. Reach the 100 PV tier and Young Living ships your order for free.
  • Treat yourself. Stock up on your springtime favorites and let us cover the cost of your deliveries.



When you make an Essential Rewards order of 250 PV*, you will receive ALL of these gift products, free!
Retail value: $113.48

  • Grapefruit, 15 ml
  • Jade Lemon, 5 ml
  • Tangerine, 15 ml
  • Bonus Essential Rewards: Citrus Fresh, 15 ml
  • Bonus Essential Rewards: Peppermint, 15 ml
  • Free shipping

When you make an Essential Rewards order of 190 PV*, you will receive ALL of these gift products, free!
Retail value: $74.67

  • Tangerine, 15 ml
  • Bonus Essential Rewards: Citrus Fresh, 15 ml
  • Bonus Essential Rewards: Peppermint, 15 ml
  • Free shipping

  • Free shipping


What do I mean by a "shop order"? This refers to any Young Living order that isn't part of the Essential Rewards program (soon to be called Loyalty Rewards Program). If you are not a member or if you're not subscribed to ER, you can still earn free products. However, even members who are subscribed to the ER program can qualify for these free items if they choose to purchase additional items (not part of their ER) per the below information. 


When you make a "shop order" of 300 PV*, you will receive ALL of these gift products, free!
Retail value: $127.30

  • Thieves, 15 ml
  • Bergamot, 5 ml
  • Grapefruit, 15 ml
  • Jade Lemon, 5 ml
  • Tangerine, 15 ml
  • Free shipping

When you make a "shop order" of 250 PV*, you will receive ALL of these gift products, free!
Retail value: $61.51

  • Grapefruit, 15 ml
  • Jade Lemon, 5 ml
  • Tangerine, 15 ml
  • Free shipping

When you make a "shop order" of 190 PV*, you'll receive this gift product free!
Retail value: $22.70

  • Tangerine, 15 ml
  • And Free Shipping

  • Free shipping












How Does This All Work?

The more you order, the more free gift product you get!

  • Available to customers (members) and Brand Partners.
  • Each group of products has a PV* value assigned.  As your order reaches one of the PV levels, you will receive all the items at that level (and any previous levels) for free!
  • If an item says ‘ER Exclusive’, it means that bonus product will be shipped to you only if your order reaches that level AND if the order is your monthly Essential Rewards order. 


Start your new lifestyle journey today!

To get started you simply need to enroll as a member with Young Living, select your starter kit and it is that simple! Many of us use our reward credits to try new products free!)

Choose the ORDERING OPTION that is right for you and start your new lifestyle journey today!



*Quick definition: PV means 'Points Value/Personal Volume' and is a unit of measurement generally equal to one dollar.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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