What's the Deal with Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy essential oil is great for CALMING oneself, skincare, and much more. And guess what? It's on sale all month - 30 percent off, which is incredible because it's rarely discounted by 30 percent.

Why do we care about Blue Tansy? (FYI.. there are a ton of fakes out there - you can tell the PURITY by how dark it is and baby, this is DARK!! It will absorb in your skin and if you add it to moisturizer or whatever it's fine.)

Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil

  • Blue Tansy essential oil has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which make it ideal for treating a range of conditions and injuries. If you have suffered from a minor scrape, cut, burn or an insect bite of some kind, applying a dab of diluted Blue Tansy to the affected area of your skin will help both soothe the pain and perhaps, more importantly, help prevent the spread of bacteria. This effectively means that your chances of developing any secondary infection are greatly reduced.
    Blue tansy is also anti-fungal which means that it can help treat the types of fungus that lead to skin, nail, or scalp infections.
  • For the millions of people who are affected by seasonal allergies, various essential oils can be a massive help. Like other oils, Blue Tansy has natural antihistamine properties. Unlike the antihistamine medications usually prescribed it does not have the same powerful sedative side effects. Blue Tansy actually reduces the body's natural histamine response to an allergen meaning that it can help relieve many of the familiar symptoms such as sneezing, rashes, and watery eyes. Many people have had success in reducing their allergic response with essential oils, so why not give Blue Tansy a try?
    One of the best things about so many essential oils is that they can be used to reduce inflammation and ease the pain of sore muscles and joints. Blue Tansy is no exception as it contains excellent anti-inflammatory abilities which will have you back on your feet with your muscles working more freely in no time. Whether your muscles are simply aching because of a hard workout or you are feeling the growing effects of age on your body, a massage or a soak in a Blue Tansy bath will definitely help.
    Blue Tansy is also an excellent option for people suffering from chronic joint inflammation as a result of rheumatism or arthritis. It is also one of the oils that can be used to alleviate the horrific pain felt from a bout of gout.
  • Blue Tansy essential oil has a delightfully warm, herbaceous aroma that can put your mind at ease in an instant. It is popularly used by people not only to treat various physical conditions but also to help with emotional issues like nerves, anxiety, stress, and even cases of mild depression. If you're at the end of your tether and are feeling that life is getting on top of you, essential oils like blue tansy are a wonderful and safe alternative to the very powerful medications prescribed for these conditions.
    When inhaled or diffused, Blue Tansy has a wonderful effect on your mind. It can calm your fears and anxiety and help get your head back in the right space. Whether you have tried numerous medical treatments or you have suffered in silence, try giving Blue Tansy essential oil a go. You have little to lose and it may well work wonders for your mind.
  • Digestive health is extremely important to our overall health. It is important that we are able to digest and absorb the nutrients from our diet as effectively as possible and blue tansy essential oil is one of many essential oils that can do a great deal to ensure that your digestive system is fully functional. Blue Tansy oil can stimulate better digestion and provide relief from gas, indigestion, constipation, and cramping.
  • SKIN
  • BlueTansy can be applied topically so long as you ensure to dilute it first. It is a popular choice of essential oil for simply moisturizing the skin but can also help treat a variety of skin conditions because of its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory activities. It is used by many people to help treat acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis as well as helping to soothe dry, itchy or inflamed skin.
    Before applying Blue Tansy essential oil to the skin, it is always sensible to perform a patch test because some people may be sensitive to this oil.
  • Say goodbye to those headaches with Blue Tansy essential oil. It is commonly and very effectively used to combat headaches whether they are caused by tension or sinus congestion. Instead of reaching for the aspirin, try diluting a few drops of Blue Tansy oil and massaging it gently into your temples and the sides of your nose, and with luck, you will experience a very fast improvement.
    Blue Tansy oil offers excellent natural support for the respiratory system. It has expectorant qualities which means that it can be inhaled to free up mucus and phlegm in the sinuses and lungs. Its antiviral and anti-inflammatory ability also helps kill bacteria that may be responsible for your illness while it also calms down any inflammation in the system. And that is not all. Blue Tansy oil can also be used to help you get a good night's sleep, free of coughing and congestion that may have been keeping you awake at night. To help you breathe more easily, you can either diffuse your Blue Tansy oil or inhale it directly. An excellent option is to combine it with a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil and make a pleasant steam inhalation.
  • Blue Tansy may be very beneficial to people and we may well find its aroma to be alluring but that is not true of the cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlies that infest our homes. In fact, Blue Tansy oil has repellent qualities that insects cannot tolerate.
    If you need to get rid of any unwanted little guests, then try diffusing your Blue Tansy oil in the home or making a bug spray by combining a few drops of Blue Tansy oil with water.


You can use Blue Tansy essential oil on its own but it blends very well with bergamot, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, helichrysum, and neroli oil.

Diffusing blue tansy essential oil can do wonders for your frame of mind not to mention that it will keep your home smelling fresh and free of bugs.

Steam Inhaler
Add a few drops of Blue Tansy essential oil and an equal amount of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to a bowl of hot water and inhale the vapors to get rid of congestion and free up your breathing.

Dilute your oil in a carrier oil and massage it into your aching muscles and joints.

Skin Care
Add a few drops of Blue Tansy essential oil to a dampened cotton ball and apply it to areas of your skin that need attention.

Phew, that was a lot of info about Blue Tansy essential oil! I hope it was helpful. ☺ The 30 percent discount is part of the Mother's Day Promotion for the month of May 2022. You can save an additional 24 percent by ordering 100 PV (usually about $100) or ordering the Blue Tansy oil on Subscribe to Save. Feel free to order online or contact me for help with your order. I'm here for you! 

Kathy Van Pelt
Young Living Brand Partner


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