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Here you will find product bundles I have put together for specific needs.

Cardiovascular Wellness Bundle

Keep one of your most vital organs running at peak efficiency! Your heart does a lot of work, so keep it happy and healthy.

To support your cardiovascular system, I recommend this bundle of products. Each item is linked to more product detail for your research.

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Nervous System Wellness Bundle

This bundle helps you keep the signal connected all throughout your body, and when you maintain and support your network of nerves, days just feel better. Contains: MultiGreens, Sulfurzyme Capsules, Mineral Essence, Rutavala Roll-On, Valor Roll-On, Frankincense Vitality, Cedarwood, OmegaGize.


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Back To School Bundle

Kids will soon be headed back to school. With this bundle, you’ll be giving them the love and care they need every night and sending them off the right way every day! Please reach out to me to learn more about this bundle.


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My Top Recommendation Oils for Beginners

New to trying essential oils and want to just try a few and see how they work for you? I suggest these few and I'll teach you all the beneficial ways of using them.

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