This is What You Need to Know About Tainted Essential Oils

I feel purity is vital in essential oils. I've learned that the purity of an oil is not only crucial to its effectiveness but its safety as well!

Here's what you need to know about oils that are pure vs. oils that are adulterated.

Essential oils are rich in molecules that help carry oxygen, nutrients, and other substances through the cell membranes.
Combine essential oils with impure or toxic substances, and they will take those poisons into every cell of your body!

Not only that, but unsuspecting consumers may apply oils only to find that the supposedly pure essential oil causes irritation. When oils contain added chemicals and components, this can certainly make them bothersome to the skin.


People Using Adulterated Oils Could Be Poisoning Themselves 
Instead of getting the benefits of wholesome essential oils, consumers may instead be poisoning themselves unknowingly, or decide that essential oils don't work because they used inferior essential products.


Watch for These Red Flags That Essential Oils May Be Tainted

I've found that pure essential oils are usually a bit more costly. It takes a lot of plant material to fill a single bottle of essential oil, and when the plant is rare or scarce, it further drives up the price.

While a high price does not necessarily translate to high quality, it is prudent to be careful of an essential oil coming with a super-cheap price tag!

For example, bargain prices

  • $9.00 for 1/2 oz. of "pure, organic" lavender oil
  • $25.00 for "pure" frankincense.



Please be Very Cautious in Buying Essential Oils Online

Knowing the following information is how you can ensure you're getting an authentic Young Living product.

Young Living’s policies prevent Brand Partners from selling Young Living® products for less than people can purchase products directly from Young Living. So if you see a Young Living oil being sold for less than you can buy it (with a 24% discount), then you should know there is a great possibility it has been diluted.

Additionally, Brand Partners are not allowed to sell them online in places like Amazon® and other online stores.  However, you will still find unscrupulous sellers on places like Amazon® and eBay® (and other online shops), pretending to be Young Living®, selling Young Living oils.

I recommend you never buy Young Living oils from anywhere except directly from Young Living. But if you do, please exercise tremendous caution when purchasing through alternative sources because it is so easy to dilute the product and sell it as an original. Believe me. It is just too simple to put a new lid (seal unbroken) on the bottle! 



You may wonder how oils are adulterated.

There are many ways an essential oil can be contaminated and still be called “100% pure”.

I've learned that some suppliers will extend or stretch the oils by diluting them with fatty oils like almond oil, coconut oil, etc., or by adding alcohol or even adding surfactants and emulsifiers. Suppliers do this to make the essential oils less expensive.


  ✔️  If an oil is extended with fatty oil, you can detect it by the greasy feel on the skin. A pure essential oil will not leave a greasy feel on the skin after a few moments.

   ✔️  Another test is to place the essential oil on paper. A pure essential oil will not leave an oily mark when dried. A simple test to detect an emulsifier in an oil is by placing a drop in water. A pure Essential oil will float on the top whereas emulsified mixtures will dissolve in water and produce milky or opaque solutions.


I won't share all the ways essential oils are being diluted and processed because this would then get too scientific. I hope the above examples help you see that being careful about where you purchase your essential oils is also part of the "purity" equation!

Again, all this is only important if you want consistent results, and I certainly want this.


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Find out now What Makes Young Living Oils The Most Authentic In The World.




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May 13, 2019

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