Sulfurzyme: One Supplement, Many Benefits

Let’s talk about this amazing gem of a supplement! Sulfurzyme™ is a combination of nutritional sulfur that is methylsuflonylmethane (MSM) and the Ningxia Wolfberry ground up to a powder form. Sulfurzyme™ supplement comes in 2 forms; capsules and powder. Let’s talk about the difference in these 2 because they are not exactly the same, and will have slightly different effects for you.

First off the capsules. The capsules contain 1.6 mg of MSM per serving (2 capsules are 1 serving) and 200 mg of Ningxia Wolfberry powder. The capsules themselves are a vegetarian source of gelatin. The bottle recommends taking 2 capsules, 2 times per day, as needed. One hour before or after a meal.

Now, don’t get caught up on the “one hour before meal” part. Just take it when you remember to take it. Your hair, skin, nails, joints, ligaments, and overall cellular structures will thank you.

There are TONS of hair, skin, and nail supplements on the market, so let’s talk about why and how this one works and is the BEST choice over all the rest.

The healthy hair, thick nails, and glowing skin are really just awesome side effects of the supplement. Ironically it’s not really what it’s targeted to do. It goes much deeper than that.

Poor nail and hair growth are often results of sulfur deficiency, along with unhappy skin, poor muscle tone, weakened nervous system, arthritis, constipation, even lowered libido. When we don’t get enough nutritional sulfur from our diet, the body steals methione from less important parts of the body, like hair and nails. This is a bummer because methione is where we get glutathione, which is where we get Human Growth Hormone, which is responsible for keeping us feeling young, skinny, and wrinkle free. We definitely don’t want to be stealing anything from that process!

Our immune system cannot digest heavy metals like it does other toxins it meets, and will actually weaken or shut down white blood cells if they come into contact with them. Heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum, etc, need to have their molecular structure altered by binding to sulfur molecules to create a compound the immune cells can get rid of. So, not getting enough nutritional sulfur can lead to heavy metal toxicity and weakened immune system.

But what is sulfur? Sulfur is a naturally occurring, protein-building compound. All cells are made of protein, so constantly building protein is kind of a big deal if your goal is to keep from falling apart into a big pile of dust. MSM helps keep the cells pliable and healthy. It also equalizes water pressure inside the cells, which might be useful to know if you struggle with high blood pressure, or you suffer from ailments like bursitis, tendonitis, or arthritis.

Sulfur metabolization (the body’s ability to absorb and use it) requires a complex chain reaction of minerals. We need calcium to metabolize sulfur, but we need magnesium to metabolize calcium, potassium to metabolize magnesium, phosphorous to metabolize potassium, and...well you get the idea. This is where the Wolfberry Powder comes in.

The Wolfberry is a complete source of minerals all rolled into one powerful little red berry, making it the perfect companion ingredient to MSM. The bonus side effects of the Wolfberry Powder not only include supporting our nutritional needs, but the antioxidant power of the Ningxia Wolfberry is unmatched by any other known food source. Antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage. Think back to middle school science.

Visualize a picture of a cell with all these little balls and circles going around it like a solar system of planets. Those little balls and circles are positive and negative ions orbiting the cell. When one of these ions falls out of orbit, it becomes a free radical that crashes into other cells, causing more ions to fall out of orbit and creates a big chain reaction of destruction called oxidative stress. What can cause the little ions to fall out of orbit? Toxins, but in all fairness oxygen will do it too.

When antioxidants are readily present in the body, they catch these free radicals before they can crash into other cells and cause more free radicals. So, if oxidative stress is the process of aging, deterioration, or illness caused by toxins, even the toxins the body creates itself as a byproduct of functioning, antioxidants slow this deterioration process down. Sounds pretty good to me!

So now that we are familiar with what the amazing Sulfurzyme™ capsule is all about, how does it differ to the Sulfurzyme™ Powder?

Sulfurzyme™ Powder contains 1.2 mg of MSM per serving (1/2 teaspoon is 1 serving), and 155 mg of Wolfberry Powder. It also contains frustooligosaccharides (FOS), and Stevia Extract. The label recommends ½ teaspoon twice daily, an hour before or after meals.

Again, don’t worry about the meal thing. Just take it.

Stevia Extract is a well-known natural sweetener with low glycemic index. It has health benefits of its own, but its main purpose in the Sulfurzyme™ powder is to counterbalance the bitter taste of the MSM and the tartness of the Wolfberry powder.

The FOS is also a natural sweetener. It is an essential complex sugar that is actually a prebiotic. You’ve heard of PRObiotics as being healthy gut flora/good bacteria. Well, PREbiotics feed that good bacteria. Simple, refined, white sugar feeds the BAD bacteria, causing the immune system to work harder. Natural, UNrefined essential sugars like FOS feed the GOOD bacteria, allowing the immune cells to work elsewhere.

So, on top of ALL that is listed above with the Sulfurzyme™ capsules, the Sulfurzyme™ POWDER does even MORE, offering gut health, AND, as another bonus side effect, a healthy gut means stronger immune system. Antioxidants plus prebiotics equals SUPER strong immune support. WIN, WIN, WIN.

Why is there so much less amount recommended for the powder versus the capsule volume? MSM is tough to break down when it is dry. Being in the capsule, it enters the body dry so less is being absorbed, therefore more is needed to be ingested.

The powder is meant to be mixed in a liquid which softens the MSM making it more palatable. The body will utilize more of it, so less is needed to be ingested.

Check out my blog post on my favorite red drink made with Sulfurzyme™ Powder and why it’s the BOMB! Then order you some Sulfurzyme™ Powder and get ready!

Edited: I'm getting an increasing amount of questions asking if the Sulfurzyme supplements are good for this disease/illness or that. It would be non-compliant for me to state yes to any of these types of questions. However, if you are asking this type of questions, it tells me you are missing the message of the blog in what the product does for the body. MSM, antioxidants, and the mineral profile in this product support cellular health. The whole body is made up of cells. If there is disease in the body, there is disease in the cell, so supporting the cell will support the whole body. Make sense?



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