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It’s that time of year for us in the North where temps drop, the air gets dry and so does our skin. I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my family’s tried and true dry skin solutions with you.

Dry skin that is cracked is PAINFUL isn’t it? It’s worse than a paper cut on the tip of a finger!

I am so thankful I have found some amazing NATURAL options that work wonders for my family when we get dry skin.

First we need to recognize the cause and understand that skin issues are an external sign of something going on internally. We always want to solve skin issues with topical creams and lotions, but really the issue is coming from within.

HYDRATION. Water is key so make sure you aim for half your body weight in oz as your daily intake! (180lbs = 90oz water) and replace caffeine, sugar-filled juices and sports drinks with equal or double water.

Let’s just say you’re drinking enough water because that’s the first suggestion that everyone says to do, and it’s still not enough.

Vitality Drops™ add great flavor to your water to make it easier to drink. But, they also add electrolytes and essential oils to help that water actually make it to the cells. Most of us consume a large amount of white flour/gluten in our diet that coats our gut preventing our foods and water from getting to the cells where it is used. This means our water goes right through us unused. That’s why you rush to the bathroom when you drink the recommended amounts of water. A round with the Cleansing Trio™ will remedy this, among other things related to dry skin, I’ll get into that down where I talk about gut health. For now, add Vitality® oils like lemon and tangerine, and Vitality Drops™ to your drinking water to help your body absorb the water you are drinking...and make drinking water more enjoyable.

MOISTURIZE with Hyaluronic Acid (ART renewal serum) and layer a thick Lotion over that such as lavender hand and body. This DIY whipped body butter is also the bomb!

The CBD Beauty Boost serum is hands down the best 1-step solution I have for you. You can read a bit about it HERE or just take my word….you need this in your life. Here are some results shared by those who participated in a Beauty Boost Challenge where they took a capsule of Longevity essential oil blend each day and used the CBD Beauty Boost on their face daily. The signs of inflammation that were present before were completely gone within weeks. The skin looked replenished and happy.

ANTIOXIDANTS like NingXia Red™ and Super C™!  I would drink 4-6 ounces NingXia Red™ per day for severe inflammatory distress. You can read  more about how and why NingXia Red™ works HERE. Short answer is Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants

COLLAGEN production..... stimulate your body to produce more by taking Sulfurzyme™ which also helps connective tissue. Agilease™ has both collagen AND Hyaluronic acid! And take a Super C™ with that to help absorption

Our body is made up of cells and each cell is made largely of oil/fat. Consuming healthy fats is good for skin cells. My top pick for daily supplements of healthy fats is OmegaGize™ which is fish oil. Fish oil is the same oil as our cerebrospinal fluid. It has to be replenished through food. Most fish oil supplements are rancid due to improper production and full of contaminants because they are sourced from polluted waters. Young Living’s fish oil is sourced from the most pristine arctic waters and tested to be well below the safety standards for contaminants. The peppermint essential oil and the patented ocean capsule of OmegaGizeᶾ™ stabilize the fish oil.

I have seen OmegaGizeᶾ™ work its magic on my husband's dry cracked feet many times.

If your dry skin is more than seasonal, it is likely stemming from an inflammatory issue. Likely inflammation in the gut, which will require some trial and error to figure out. I’d start with eliminating gluten for a week. Then try dairy. Those are the 2 most common culprits.  

My favorite products to manage healthy inflammation levels in the body are…

  1. NingXia Red™ for reasons stated above.
  2. Golden Turmeric™ Turmeric has huge anti-inflammatory benefits you can read about HERE. Young Living’s Golden Turmeric powder is 25 times more bio-available than any other turmeric product on the market. Bioavailability means my body is actually using it, which means I am not just flushing money down the toilet. I like that, so Golden Turmeric gets my vote. A friend’s son likes it too. These are his hands before and after adding Golden Turmeric to his already extensive supplement lineup.
  3. CBD drops. All of them. Shoot me a message if you want my class on everything you need to know about buying and using CBD products, benefits, FAQs, all of it. 

Another favorite of my household is Myrrh essential oil topped with Rose Ointment. When my husband doesn’t take his OmegaGize™ often enough (cuz he’s forgetful like the rest of us), his feet crack and become painful to walk on. I will then rub a generous amount of Myrrh essential oil into the cracked parts and then rub Rose Ointment into the whole foot, filling in the cracks with it. It’s greasy so he’ll put socks on and usually do this before bed.  In the morning his feet are happy again.

I saved gut health for the end because it has more to it than we have time for here. But gut health ties in with the inflammatory response I alluded to above. Inflammation in the gut almost always comes out in the skin in the form of acne, eczema, etc. Clean up the gut, clear up your face. Balancing blood sugar by being intentional with what you eat and when you eat it plays a key role here too. If this sounds like something you need to work on, you can check out my free step-by-step guide HERE. It focuses on hormone balance, but the process will be the same for clear skin.

And last but not least….

Dry skin on your face is embarrassing. Check out my favorite face care routine HERE.

If you like tips like this you can join my free educational FB page or follow me on IG @swapitsavvy. 


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May 13, 2019

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